Why I Dyed My Hair Red…

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What inspired me to dye my hair red??


If you haven’t noticed by now, I have red hair! I love it and it has really become a part of me. Prior to going natural, I had severe shedding and breakage, mainly due relaxing my hair, heat damage and color damage. My stylist at the time advised me to pick one, color or relaxer. So, obviously, I chose color!

As a child, I remember my mom freaking out when I told her I wanted red hair and freckles lol. It seemed as though I wasn’t loving the skin I was in. Fast forward to 20 years later and I am more fierce than ever with a full mane of vibrant red hair.

Much like any other Pinterest and Instagram obsessed naturalista I find a lot of inspiration for my looks and style from my curl friends. As I transitioned from relaxed hair, I knew that when I was fully natural that I wanted to get some color. I filled my Pinterest boards with a plethora of ideas but when it came down to it one shade stood out the most – red red.

Here are some of the ladies who inspired me to break out of my shell and rock my firey red mane.


Kayla Madonna.PNG









16 Replies to “Why I Dyed My Hair Red…”

  1. Red is your color. After 53 years of having black hair, I changed my hair color to blonde. I love it so much I am going to full white!

  2. That color looks FIRE on you! LOL! I’ve never felt bold enough to dye my hair red because it can also be challenging to remove. I tried doing a cinnamon brown (my hair is dark, cool brown) and it was disaster! LOL! Anyway, it looks like you’ve a great “hair lane” for yourself and it looks amazing!

  3. I love your hair. I tried doing red for my hair years ago and I loved it but my hair didn’t like it that much so I had to go back to my ‘natural’ color so my hair will become healthy. I want to do some red again soon.

  4. I adore your red hair! It looks great on you! I am a natural “ginger” and I am always excited for those super jazzed to join the red hair club. Keep on being fabulous!

  5. I love red hair – and you look absolutely fabulous with yours! I always wanted to have red hair but my features are totally incompatible with the colour. Oh well, I still admire it – on others!

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