Review: Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals

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I have been really loving the liquid eye shadows from Stila Cosmetics. Everything from the packaging down to the formula is top notch! The formula is long lasting and the applicator makes it easy to apply. The product is very compact and convenient for travel. Typically when applying loose glitter you need: cosmetic grade glitter, adhesive, an applicator, time and a steady hand which already sounds kind of complicated right? Stila took the process of adding a sparkle of glam to your eye look and cut it in half when the introduced these into the market. These retail for $24 a piece and you can order from Amazon .

Pro Tip: Run the applicator across the bottom of your lid close to the lash line and tap the product “up” from there with your finger or a brush. It does not dry instantly so packing on coats without waiting for them to try can cause it to get chunky and uneven. When you wait for the first coat to dry down before applying the second coat, you will get an even flawless finish. This product makes so that even beginners can add a little glitter and sparkle into their eye shadow routines. They are even gorgeous to display on your vanity! So if you are a “collector” like me you should a few. 🙂 I love this product! Stila came ALL the way through with these bad boys.




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  1. I like the idea of these. The bottom swatch looks really nice, and reminds me of the molten liquid eyeshadows from ELF. I think those have more of a metallic finish though rather than glitter.

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