Healthy Hair Journey: Beats by KD

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July 2017



Growing up, my mother and father ensured that I was well taken care of, especially when it came to grooming. My family is big on putting your best foot forward at all times, which begins with appearances.  As my hair grew thicker and longer, my mother started taking me to professional hair salons for routine bi monthly hair maintenance in an effort to keep my hair healthy and allow it to continue to flourish. This continued until I went to college.

During college, I stopped going to the salon regularly because I was a student and did not budget for professional hair services. I also was interested in trying new looks but I did so at the expense of the health of my hair. My hair began to shed and break very badly causing me to have to  cut my hair into a bob. I entertained the idea of going natural here and there for about 2-3 years before I FINALLY understood that what caused the damage to my hair was 100% preventable. Between color treatments, heat styling, over processing from relaxers and misusing hair glue – I was not able to retain much length.


Since then, I have come to the simple realization that all hairs grows but that not all individuals are able to retain the length. This has changed my outlook on how I care and maintain my hair.  I stopped simply focusing on methods to grow my and style my hair; I began to focus on retaining my hair as it grew. I have completely changed my hair care routine and will share more in depth details in future posts (so stay tuned by following this blog for more details/tips).

July 2017

So far, my new routines have allowed me to retain length as my hair grows out healthier, stronger and longer. Soon I will begin the next phase of my journey by adding in Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins from It Works! The before and after pictures as well as the results I have seen on personal friends have been amazing.


The daily vitamins work by:

-Boosting your natural collagen and keratin production

-Supporting the body’s defenses against free radical damage

-Moisturizing while enhancing the skin’s elasticity and flexibility

-Promoting healthy cell growth, strength, and shine

It retails for $55 per bottle, but I am able to offer you the products my discount – which is $33 per bottle! Please, if you have the slightest interested in growing your hair out, join me and I continue to revamp my healthy hair regiment and retain my length as my hair continues to grow.

For more details email or call 404-234-5995 for more information on your three options to try these vitamins.










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