Books To Read When You Need Encouragement: I Declare Joel Osteen

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Books To Read WhenYou Need Encouragement If you follow me on social media you know that I have been working my way through the first of a few books on my “summer reading” list.  In an effort decrease the amount of time spent using technology (phone, computer, and television) before bed and when I wake up, I decided to start getting back to reading actual books.

I sorted through the bookcases at my childhood home and to no surprise, I found that my folks had a ton of great reads that I can could start with. One that spoke to me specially was I Declare. I was captivated by the idea that intentionally speaking positive words over your life and claiming your blessings out loud could drastically change my overall outlook on life as well as the actually quality of my life.

So far ever passage has been right on time. There were days when I was full of worries and my burdens we wearing my down. I have been working on having a more positive outlook. I have been focusing on the positive and praising God for all this is good not allowing the bad to overtake me.

This book has helped me and served as a constant reminder that God doesn’t work on my time. It has reminded me to constantly be thankful for the blessings God has afforded me. It has reminded me to rejoice as I walk in God’s favor, mercy and grace. I definitely recommend this quick read. 10 minutes of reading and reflection a day has done wonders for me already.

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10 thoughts on “Books To Read When You Need Encouragement: I Declare Joel Osteen

  1. Joel Olsteen isn’t one of my favorites but the premise and the power of speaking over our lives is very real. I am glad you found this to be a great summer read.

  2. Intentionality and manifesting are so important, yet sometimes so hard to put into practice. My mom really likes Joel Olsteen, maybe I’ll recommend this to her.

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