Review: Mielle Organics Pomade-To-Oil W/ Mongongo Oil

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As we move into the cooler months, I am stocking up on products that are moisturizing. Naturally my hair is on the drier side; it is super thick and drinks up moisture. Recently, I got my hands on the Mielle Organics Pomade-to-oil with Mongongo oil. According to the description, “it is the perfect solution for soothing dry scalps, eliminating frizz, and adding an impeccable amount of shine”.  It is formulated with a blend of organic Mongongo oil designed to reconstruct and protect against heat damage.

I must say, this is hands down my favorite product from the line. I realized that I have incorporated into my daily routine, so, I knew I had to share my love for the product with you all! I love the shine that it produces. If you have been following my nature hair journey, then you know that my favorite hair style is the puff. This can add a little of tension on the hair and gel is not the healthiest option for everyday use. I have been using this as an alternative or up under the gel to add a some protection. Of course it smells great like many of the other products.

Check out some of my favorite Mielle Organics products below! For the month of November Sally’s has BOGO 50%.



If you have been following my blog, you know that I am crazy about my oils in regards to skin care. I have normal to dry skin (noticeably drier in the colder months), so I make sure that I moisturize twice a day after cleansing in the morning and evening. As a skin care junkie, I have found that facial oils can get very pricey even reaching to $100+.

The DERMA-E Radiant Glow Face Oil has easily become one of my favorite moisturizers for numerous reasons. You get 2 ounces of oil for ONLY $22.50. It contains jojoba, argan and seabuckthorn oils as well as mineral-rich mica for a natural shimmer. The oil penetrates to combat dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles while promoting radiance.

How often is it that you find affordable organic skin care??

I love how passionate SunKissAlba and DERMA-E are about organic beauty and sustainability. I can literally feel it bursting through every aspect of this product.

Foundation Hack: To achieve a flawless, radiant glow effortlessly mix one pump of your favorite liquid foundation, 2 drops of the radiant glow face oil and 1 small drop of liquid highlighter on the back of your hand with a foundation brush. Apply to your face using the brush and blend with a beauty blender.

I honestly love how my foundation and skin looked after trying this. I had nice coverage with a skin like finish.

*I received this product compliments of DERMA-E as a #DERMAEamabassador

How Deva Curl Transformed My Drying Process


The decision to transition from a relaxer to a curly hairstyle was one that I struggled with for years. Even once I decided to commit, there were so many obstacles that I almost instantly regretted it. After much research on Pinterest and Instagram stalking curly gurus who seemed to have similar textures and lengths as me, I realized there were a couple of changes I need to implement into my routine ASAP.

Using A Microfiber Towel

One of the first mistakes I realized that I was making during my transition to #TeamNatural was that I was still using regular towels on my hair; my hair was constantly super dry, frizzy, and tangled. Then I discovered microfiber towels. A microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair strand. What I love about these towels is that they absorb water quickly without having to rub the towel against your hair, which can cause breakage and frizz.

I first started off with a cheap turban microfiber wrap (it think it ran me about $3-4) that I found at Tj Maxx. It worked for awhile but I was not in love with the shape and size of the towel. It was really too wet to use for any else after I wrapped my wet head up. I prefer to have something on my shoulders when I do my hair so the wrap wasn’t cutting it.

Enter – the Deva towel. I decided to go ahead and purchase the towel. I would say that it is definitely worth the price. In the summer I probably wash my hair every 2-3 days depending upon what I have going in. I love the size of this towel. I can comfortably wrap it around my hair and it is a nice size to cover your shoulders while styling your hair. It is durable and washes well. I plan to purchase a couple more of these.

Using A Diffuser

I also had no idea what a diffuser was or how use it, so when I did my first “wash n go” I had watery product running all down my face and neck. These two issues made me reconsider if this lifestyle was right for me. Soon after my first few too wet n go’s I decided to look more into how to get my curls to dry quicker. I stumbled upon diffusers.

The first diffuser I purchased was a collapsible one. It is great for traveling and got the job done. I just didn’t like how sometimes it would collapse back in while I was trying to dry my hair. It also took a while to get my hair all the way dry up to my scalp. I really love the Deva Curl hand shaped diffuser. I feel like I can get the hair closest to my scalp drier way faster because the hand shape always you to get in between the curls. The hand shape even mimics the scrunching motion.

Bottom line if you are new to #TeamNatural or a veteran you need to get your hands on a good microfiber towel and diffuser. Here is a great bundle deal.

In the video below I’m using my Deva Towel and my Deva Diffuser to dry my wash n go!

Go To Foundations As A WOC

Finding the right foundation can be a chore. Even after being shade matched at cosmetic stores, foundations can change once it sets in or look even appear completely different in different lighting.

As a woman of color, it can be tough to find proper matches due to the lack of available shades with proper undertones. I can recall numbers times when I’ve been eager to snag a new product and rush to the store only to find that the 5 or 6 shades available don’t work for me. It can be very discouraging.

After much time through trial and error, I have found a few foundations that not only wear comfortably but also match me perfectly. These are the foundations I can not live without. I have normal to dry skin with an even texture. I live for long wear, non cakey, medium to full coverage foundations. I prefer soft, and radiant looks. I it is important to me not to look too red or orange. I also don’t want to look lighter than I am.

Here are 5 foundations that I have been using for the past 6-8 months:


The Lancome foundation stick is my number one for everyday wear. It is super easy to use since it is in the stick form – I typically just do about 3 strips down each side of my face and one across my forehead. I prefer to blend it out with a soft, flat, dense foundation brush like the Sigma F80.

The Lancome liquid foundation is the first product I tried from the brand. I first fell in love with the shade range then the long-wear ability. This foundation can literally be worn from sun up to sun down and won’t budge. I prefer to use a beauty blender for a smooth air brushed finish.


Double wear is a foundation that I keep around when I need super full coverage. Once it sets it does not move. One of my favorite things about the brand is you can get a free 10 day sample from the cosmetic counter. I used the sample for a couple of days then went back to purchase and got another sample. It was so satisfying knowing that I was absolutely in love with the product prior to committing.



This foundation for me was something I kind of stumbled upon. I purchased a couple of the lighter shades for clients then a couple darker ones. Eventually, I was searching for a summer shade and grab this. I really didn’t fall in love with the foundation until I saw it on my own skin. I love the way it blends. The color does not change. It dries with a nice natural finish. I have been using this one nonstop for about a month.

Black Opal

Personally, I do not fool with too many drug store foundations. I feel like my local stores’ buyers are not buying with a diverse customer base in mind. I usually can only find what I need in Ulta and Sephora. I randomly will catch a fully stocked drug store with products that work for me but it is very rare.

Black Opal is one of the few drugstore brands that consistently comes through. It is affordable yet performs as well as my high end products. I love the shade range as a woman of color. The coverage is amazing.

Find your Shade with Black Opal

Review: Shante Oils For Hair and Body


There is something about a good quality oil that makes my heart sing. I love when an oil penetrates the surface of the skin providing long lasting moisture versus sitting on top of the skin and sticking to things then leaving a trail on everything you touch. Shante Oils for hair and body bring the moisture big time! It can bring even the driest skin and hair back to life.


The scent is amazing. It smells warm and gentle. It feels smooth with a non-sticky texture. I feel as though the price point is beyond fair for the quality of the product especially since it is so versatile which is another thing I love about it. You can use it as a daily moisturizer on your skin and hair, you can you is weekly as a hot oil treatment or  as a leave in with a hair steam treatment (I recommend the Q-Redew) and you can even add a couple of drops to a warm bath. I have incorporated this product into my daily routine – I use it from head to toe! I am curious to explore how it will impact my hair growth. The key to long and healthy hair is retaining  the length from your growth. The my hair thrives when it is moisturized. My scalp has been loving this oil.

You can buy it here!

Beats By KD For Influenster & Glo Skin Beauty

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 8.06.28 PM.png

*This post was done in collaboration with Influenster and Glo Skin Beauty! I received the product for free in exchange for testing an honest review.

I have always had clear skin. It is very rare that I get a blemish or imperfect – genetics – I guess I have my parents to thanks for that. My skin type is normal to dry. In the summer if I spend a lot of time in the skin or water, I can lead more towards the dry side. Also, during the winter, I think we all tend to see a decrease in the overall hydration of our skin.

Being that I am a product junkie, I am willing to try just about anything at least once. I don’t tend to have sensitive skin but I can have reactions to specific things. With that being said, it is rare that I absolutely fall head over heels for a skin product. I take my skin care seriously for preventive care. I know I am young but I do my best to treat the skin that I am in well.

The phyto-active cream cleanser took my clear and healthy skin to a new level. I have being using it for about a month. There have been times where I just gazed in the mirror appreciating my skin’s glow and clarity. Suddenly, I would remember the new cleanser I’d been using. This product has given me an undeniable radiance. My skin is clear, plump, firm and healthy. I feel as though my skin is moisturized; it is smooth and feels good. A little goes a long way with the consistency. I recommend dropping a pea sized amount on a cleansing pad then running light water over it. This makes it easy to work the product all over my face. You get 6.7 fl oz which will last me awhile. I have been asked if I was wearing makeup on several occasion when barefaced since adding this cleanser to my routine. It is a little pricey retailing for $46.00 but it is worth it. There is a coupon on the website when you signup for the mailing list. This product gets 2 thumbs up from me.


We also received a lipstick in the shade pillow talk. It is a soft pink nude. The formula is very creamy and it wears comfortably. I am not crazy about the shade but I really liked it when I paired it with a brown lip liner. It does have a long lasting effect. I also like the packaging. It is also kind of pricey retailing for $24.00.

If you are interested in receiving products for FREE in exchange for your opinion, head over to Influenster now to sign up.



Review: Lottabody Coconut & Shea Oils


*This post may contain affiliate links and was done in collaboration with Lottabody. All opinions are my own. All photos belong to @beatsbykd.

Lottabody is a company that has been around for years. When my hair was relaxed, their foam was my go-to for roller sets. As I transitioned to a natural style, I tried many products for styling my hair. I had to make sure my styles blended the texture of my natural hair with the texture of my permed ends and my goal was to stay away from flat ironing. It was very tough to keep my hair de-tangled and moisturized, because of this, I experienced tons of breakage to the driest parts of my hair (which for me is the crown of my head). De-tangling was literally a nightmare; my scalp was so sore and tender. Many times you couldn’t even get through my hair to touch my scalp because it was tangled and matted. These products simplified the process of de-tangling for me.

The coconut and shea oils line from Lottabody also allowed me to achieve my first successful flexi-rod set and my first successful perm rod set. I believe that the products provided enough hold without drying out my hair. The line has a great scent that isn’t too heavy. My absolute favorite aspect about the line it the price point. It is so affordable! Each product is priced around $5-10. I discovered the new line at my local beauty supply store, but I also restock on amazon.

Love Me 5-n-1 Leave-In Treatment

lottabody 5 n1

The all-in-one styling creme is for all hair types: relaxed, natural and color-treated. I have personally used the product at all three of these stages and can attest to the fact that it is truly versatile. The 5 key product benefits include: de-tangling & conditioning, protection from heat, adding moisture & brilliant shine, preventing split ends, and taming frizz. The instructions state to spray on damp, towel dried, or dry hair and comb through. Distribute evenly through your hair from root to end then style.

I typically start by using this to de-tangle wet/damp hair. For my rod sets, I blow dry my hair using this as a heat protector. Below, is how I use the 5-n-1 to achieve a perfect perm road set.

Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk

Lottabody curl milk

The curl & style milk is something that I tend to use daily when styling my puff. I rub it between my hands and rub it all over my hair. It brings the moisture without weighing down the curls in my fro. The key product benefits include: defining curls, taming frizz and adding moisture & brilliant shine. This product is also for natural and relaxed hair. The instructions state to distribute even throughout damp, towel dried or dry hair from root to end then style.

If I am trying to achieve a smooth moisturized puff or bun this is my go-to. As a person who did not do one big chop, I was amazed as waves started to take shape. This is one of the first products I discovered that works for me for curl definition. I took work selfies everyday for months because I had my “waves” poppin’ lol. It can also be used for bantu knots, sets, twist outs and braid outs. I would suggest starting on damp or freshly steamed hair for the most definition but I have seen a friend with finer hair use on dry hair and she achieved amazing results as well!


Cleanse Me Co-Wash

lottabody cowash

If you are familiar with my blog and routines, you know that I rarely use an actual shampoo. I would even go as far as to say that I am anti-shampoo for my at home between salon maintenance. I have very dry hair and most shampoos (even some co-washes) strip my hair of every ounce of moisture. This product does the exact opposite. It is extremely moisturizing without weighing down the hair. I can easily work this through my hair without it matting up and it actually cleanses, removing product bill up. The key product benefits include: leaving the hair clean & moisturized, taming frizz & adding shine, de-tangling & conditioning, fighting against shrinkage, and being safe to use on color treated hair. There are no sulfates or parabens which is great for my curly girl method.

Overall, I give this line a 10 out of 10. The line is versatile and achieves great results on an array of different hair types. I really do not know what I would have done if I would have never discovered this line. I would most likely have been forced to do a big chop due to breakage! I recommend that anyone who is on a budget or looking for some affordable quality products try this line. If you are struggling with dry, undefined curls give this line a try, your hair will thank you.

Stay tuned for my tutorial…




#FroDayATL was one of the most fun, uplifting, positive, and joyful events I’ve been to in awhile. The energy in the room was amazing. Women (and for the first time in #froday history a man) came from near and far to celebrate beauty, intelligence and curly hair.

The creator, Frogirlginny aka Nia, is the essence of a true boss babe. She created Froday to bring women together to spread the message of love and acceptance. Nia, told us about herself and her natural hair journey; then we each introduced ourselves recapping our own natural hair journey.


After introductions, we had a selfie photo shoot session posing with our new curl friends. We used those pictures for a special contest! Three lucky ladies won special gift bags. As if the event couldn’t get any better, each attendee went home with $65 worth of Deva Curl goodies! I really enjoyed posing and showing off my fro.

The venue, Loca Luna, was super cute. We sat on the patio where there was lots of room to mix and mingle. The bartender makes a mean Berry Lemonade Margarita and the food was delicious.

After chanting positive affirmations, slaying the selfie photo shoot, and meeting so many amazing women, I was on cloud 9. I really enjoyed myself and I a feel even more proud to be a part of a movement/generation in which we celebrate and love ourselves as we are – fearfully and wonderfully made. Here a few shots of some of stunning fros:



Review: LUS Brands

Kinky Coily Kit Review

My biggest challenge with my type 4 a/d coily mane is definition. My hair dries quickly without any product but typically lacks definition; I naturally have very frizzy hair when is air dries. Towards the end of my transition, I found my self searching for videos focusing on curl definition. I longed to perfect my wash and go routine. I’ve tried dozens of products. Through trial and error I’ve learned countless things about my hair and preferences. I have  also identified a few pet peeves.  For example, I hate products that slide down my hair making their way on to my neck and down back as my hair dries that makes for literally the worst wash and go.

I stumbled upon this brand sitting at restaurant in Miami. I was working on some things for my business and came across a tutorial that caught my attention. Instantly I was obsessed with results that all in one provided. The definition of her curls was amazing. I knew that I had to get my hands on these products.

My biggest challenge with my type 4 a/d coily mane is definition. My hair dries quickly without any product but typically lacks definition; I naturally have very frizzy hair when is air dries. Towards the end of my transition, I found my self searching for videos focusing on curl definition. I longed to perfect my wash and go routine. I’ve tried dozens of products. Through trial and error I’ve learned countless things about my hair and preferences. I have  also identified a few pet peeves.  For example, I hate products that slide down my hair making their way on to my neck and down back as my hair dries that makes for literally the worst wash and go.

I stumbled upon this brand sitting at restaurant in Miami. I was working on some things for my business and came across a tutorial that caught my attention. Instantly I was obsessed with results that all in one provided. The definition of her curls was amazing. I knew that I had to get my hands on these products.

Lus brands provides exactly what I need in one product for styling. They also have a simple three part system that simply put works! I regularly get compliments on my hair but when I used the three step system for the first time, literally 10 people complimented me on my hair within 2 days. I even had a stylist walk out of her salon to give me her information. She said that she saw my hair and it  as beautiful. The creator, Sarah, literally “put her foot” in her formulas. I will forever continue to love my curls and pamper them her products.

Here is how I used the system:

Step 1 – Shampoo

I have to start by saying that I am a noo-poo curly girl. I have extremely dry hair so I rarely shampoo my hair. I typically only use shampoo when I’m getting it done professionally. 9 times out of 10 when at home, I co-wash. This shampoo is gentler than the average shampoo but it does do a great job at cleansing. I feel like this would be great for someone with oily hair especially. I know that I will probably use this when I have a lot of product build up as needed but it won’t be a weekly thing.

Step 2 – Condition

Conditioning is one of my favorite parts of my routine. For me a good conditioner, moisturizes my hair giving it a lot of slip for me to really detangle my coils. The key to defined curls is penetrating moisture throughout your entire strand down to the very end of each coil. It is easy to moisturize straight hair because the products slip right down the hair. With curly hair the product has a harder time slipping down and around each curl/coil. *One tip that has helped me a lot with keeping my hair moisturized is washing out my first round of condition but leaving  he second round in. I like to start the styling process with my hair drenched in water and conditioner.

This condition is great to do just that. That moringa oil really proves a lot a moisture and did I mention this stuff smells amazing?! It was really easy to work the product through my hair and it provides a good amount of slip. When I first looked up at my hair in the mirror, I was kind of shook at how my curls were already very defined JUST from the conditioner. I could tell that it really packed my hair with moisture. I don’t feel like the product was heavy or weighed down my hair either even through the results were amazing.

Step 3 – All In One Leave In (aka the main event)

Now, what completely sold me on the line is the leave in. If you are really looking to add definition with a serious hold that doesn’t weigh down your curls, search no further. Seriously, this is product shook up my wash and go routine as I know it. I’m used to using 4-10 products when styling my hair. This product just replaced almost all of them.

Initially, I was expecting this to be soft and silky in texture. I guess the packaging fooled me. I’m used to serums being in that type of packaging. So when I rubbed the leave-in in between my hands together I was taken aback by how the cream like textured turned slightly foamy. I felt it thickening up. I believe this is why a little goes such a long way. They recommend that you use lots of water – less product, more water. This is great because you will get multiple uses from the products. My girls with thick hair know that sometimes one entire bottle of product can be used in one sitting!

At first, I didn’t know what to think of how it felt as I worked the leave in through my hair. I was actually kind of confused. It wasn’t at all like anything I have encountered before. Immediately was thinking nah this can’t be right!?! What is this product doing?!? Then I remembered that the product is water activated so I continued to add water with my spray bottle. Right before my eyes I could see my strands start to become very defined. One thing I really loved was that when I put my hair up into a puff no product slide down my face or neck even though my hair was far from being completely dry. I feel like this product sort of combines the LOC method all into one product. By simply rubbing it in between my hand the product seemed to be a mixture of a cream/oil and foam/mouse. This provides the same hold as a gel without the harsh crunch. It took me about 15-20 minutes to work the product through my hair. Some of my earlier routines have taken my an hour or more.

Overall, I have give this brand a huge thumbs up. I recommend anyone with curly or wavy hair try this line. I really think that this line will wake up your routine and provide results like never before. It worked perfectly for my hair and I will forever be a loyal customer. I feel and see the tremendous amount of work put into this product and entire brand. If you chose to give it try, I highly doubt you will be disappointed. One thing that I would also like to mention is that they provide stellar customer service. If you have any questions, comments or concerns the team is very responsive. They will even help you select the kit for your hair via private message if you shoot them pictures of your hair.

As a Supply Chain Consultant, Makeup Artist, Grade Student and Small Business own, my time literally is money. Lus Brands saves me so much time in my daily routine. I think this brand will be around for a long time changing curly girls’ routines! I am excited to see and try the new products to come from Lus Brands.


Review: Koko X Kylie Cosmetics


Kylie Cosmetics is loved and hated by many around the globe for various reasons. Like a lot of others, I too was skeptical to try the line. I wasn’t sure how a social lite could just up and start a makeup line… I wondered if the products would be cheap, low quality, not pigmented, transferable and more. I read nasty reviews and decided I would not give the brand a chance.

A few months later, I began to really get into pushing my makeup artistry service offering. I also was getting into social media and makeup groups many of which were testing and sharing opinions on Kylie’s line. Once the royal peach palette dropped I began to start looking at the different looks gurus and other makeup artists’ were creating. Slowly, before I knew it – I was sold. They had convinced me to place mt first order from Kylie Cosmetics.

I logged on to the site. After hearing that the royal peach palette was so sold and seeing back in stock on the site, I places one in my cart immediately. As I continued to browse, I knew I had to try her lippies. Reviews said that her lip kits were very long wearing. I decided to try the Koko bundle so I could experience a variety. Here are the swatches below – KHLO$, OKURRR, DAMN GINA, and GORG with and without flash. I did one single coat of each.

No FlashIMG_0042


I think that the shades included in the bundle are versatile. I love that these are true matte formulas. They dry down relatively quickly – and honestly once they set they do not budge! Even with makeup remover you end up scrubbing for awhile and still having some basically stained on lol. This is great for long nights and times when you cannot regularly apply. The lippies all have good smells too. The gloss was the only one I wasn’t super crazy about. I HATE glittery glosses. The formula and smell were nice. I just feel really childish wish glitter gloss. I also hate how is wears off and leaves dried down glitter. It does work nicely as a topper but I still don’t like glitter. Overall if you like the color selection this is a great set.



Family Tings’


Summer time is perfect for traveling and visiting family. As a child, my sister and I would regularly stay a couple weeks with our grandparents. I always enjoy spending time with my fam. We always cut stay up late talking, singing, dancing, playing games and solving the world’s problems. 🙂

Recently, my cousins from Greensboro and Raleigh came down to Atlanta for the week. I am very close to my family. My family inspires me on the daily. Each person is unique and brings something spectacular to the table. My cousins are smart, funny, kind, considerate, brave and just cool people. They rub off on me!

Here are a bunch of pictures that show how much of a great time we had. These were shot from our visits to Rosewell Mill and Main Event. Take notice of their awesome protect styles. They were super cute!




Birthday Wish List


As my birthday approaches, the urge to “treat” myself grows stronger. I some how have convinced myself that I deserve to splurge and pamper myself; I guess because seeing 25 is a blessing (not everyone does). My heart is filled with so much joy and I am so thankful for all I have. For me, a lot of times, celebrating equates to retail therapy. Here are a few items I have had my eye on and have requested as gifts. . .

*This post does include some affiliate links.

1. Deva Curl Diffuser Head 

After completing my final “small chop” and having officially fully joined #teamnatural, I have begun experimenting with wash and go’s. I currently have a collapsible rubber diffuser that is perfect for traveling but I really would like something a little more sturdy as it can collapse while in use. I have been wanting this for sometime now and feel as though this would be a great and practical gift that I would put to use immediately!

2. iHome Mirror + Speaker + USB Charging Station

When attempting to do make up without 2 free hands and the proper lighting, it can be very difficult achieve a smooth, flawless, and evenly blended look. Good music is also a must in my beauty routine. It gets my mind right and sets the tone for my day/evening. When I tell you my heart skipped a beat the first time I saw one of these at a client’s house. I knew I had to have one. This is number one on my must have list. I really hope I get one of these. It will be perfect for my vanity since there is not much light over in that area.

3. Gucci Flops


I have recently grown a love of furry slide on flip flops. I currently have 2 paid that I alternate between when I’m running errands or just very casual. Now I know these can seem cliche with the recent musical references but I would be lying if I denied that fact that these are super cute and I would rock these E V E R Y W H E R E. My family hates my furry slides but I am sure they will approve of these!

4. Tiffany’s Round Heart Charm Bracelet 


Since I was in high school, I have had an obsession with Tiffany & Co. I remember my mom picking me up from 21st Century Leaders Camp and stopping by the Phipps Plaza and Lenox. My mom told me that I could pick out something for my 16th birthday! I couldn’t believe it. I headed right into the Tiffany’s store and got my first Tiffany’s necklace. Through out the years, I have kept the traditional live by requesting different items for special events and have built up my mini collection. This particular one just dropped last week and when I laid eyes on it …. again I knew I had to have it.

5. Audi Q3

images (1)

One item on my 5 year plan that I created when I was 20 was to buy my first car. I was blessed to test drive an Audi Q3 starting July 3rd for a couple of days. Once I sat in the driver’s seat, I knew that the car would be mine. I love black cars – they are so sleek. I also wanted something luxurious with a lot of space for Franky to lay around in the back. Once I heard the Audi Concernt Music system I was sold – literally. 🙂

So far I have been 100% happy with my early birthday splurges and can’t wait to celebrate life with my family on my birthday.


Life Lessons: Earn Your Seat


One very important aspect of life is surrounding yourself with people who you can learn from. I’ve always been taught to watch and be very particular about that company you keep; I’ve also been taught that you can never stop learning. The goal is to make MEANINGFUL and STRATEGIC relationships in which all parties add value. Each party must earn their “seat”. In life, we must decide exactly what “table” it is that we want to sit at, then we must figure out a method in which to do so.

I work very hard for everything I have and I’m not going to let anyone who has not earned my seat simply take it.

Okay. So, I’ve said all this to say, when I went to the movies to see the new Power Rangers movie there was a younger, basic guy sitting in my seat. I told him hey you’re in my seat. He asked if I could sit in the seat right next to my seat and made a gesture like it was open and unclaimed. On the inside I’m like…

The movie had already started, so, I glanced back at the screen and decided I really just wanted to see the movie. I thought the easiest thing would be to sit down.

For about 10 minutes, I replayed the scene over in my head with clever comebacks; I loathed myself for not saying HECKKKKKKK NAHHHHHH GET UP OUT MY SEAT. It was more than a seat. It it was my respect. I vowed that day it would never let it happen again.

So, fast forward to tonight. It’s date night! I’ve been super pumped to see Girls Trip  and I dragged bae along. We were there on time ready to see if there were fashionable ladies smelling like shea moisture (lol jk did you guys read that post??) only to walk up and find someone sitting in my seat… I thought about my vow…


Me: Hi you’re in my seat. I politely flash my phone with the seat assignment.

Man: Well, there is someone in my seat – there’s nothing we can do about it. . .

Me: Oh no! Well you have to get them up. *smiled and laughed cute and politely*

Man: Huh? *gets and attitude*

Me: *Thinks to self: I can help him get this sorted out

*Thinks to self again: That’s not my problem

Only I didn’t think it…. I SAID IT OUT LOUD lol.


The man looks James up and down. Calculates that he doesn’t want to press his issue. He mashes the button to bring the reclined seat back to the resting position.

He  gets up and I watched as he claims his seat in the row in front of us. Then those people claim their seat from another couple. Sheesh. We movie theater junkies officially had enough. I’m a reasonable person and very kind. But listen, movie tickets cost $15 a pop. Ain’t no way Imma let someone sit in my seat!

Books To Read When You Need Encouragement: I Declare Joel Osteen


Books To Read WhenYou Need Encouragement If you follow me on social media you know that I have been working my way through the first of a few books on my “summer reading” list.  In an effort decrease the amount of time spent using technology (phone, computer, and television) before bed and when I wake up, I decided to start getting back to reading actual books.

I sorted through the bookcases at my childhood home and to no surprise, I found that my folks had a ton of great reads that I can could start with. One that spoke to me specially was I Declare. I was captivated by the idea that intentionally speaking positive words over your life and claiming your blessings out loud could drastically change my overall outlook on life as well as the actually quality of my life.

So far ever passage has been right on time. There were days when I was full of worries and my burdens we wearing my down. I have been working on having a more positive outlook. I have been focusing on the positive and praising God for all this is good not allowing the bad to overtake me.

This book has helped me and served as a constant reminder that God doesn’t work on my time. It has reminded me to constantly be thankful for the blessings God has afforded me. It has reminded me to rejoice as I walk in God’s favor, mercy and grace. I definitely recommend this quick read. 10 minutes of reading and reflection a day has done wonders for me already.

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Gift Ideas for National Girlfriends Day

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It is not too late to grab a gift and link up with your best girlfriends to celebrate National Girlfriends Day on August 1. This is the day dedicated for your love and appreciation for your girls! It is the perfect time to grab them either a small token of appreciation or a splurge item on her wish list.

Here are a few ideas in case you need some inspiration.


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Review: Universal Standard Clothing

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I recently got the opportunity to receive clothes compliments of Apex Drop and Universal Standard. Prior to then, I had never heard of the clothing line but applied for the opportunity anyway. To my surprise, I was selected for the campaign. After much thought, I decided to order three blouses. I had been in the market for some new solid colored shirts, so the timing was perfect. These are the three tops I chose:


Cut Away Sleeve Tee Retail: $50


Cut Away Sleeve Tee Retail: $50


The Candice Retail: $90

I am a 14 -16 so I ordered a S in all three. I must say, the presentation was impeccable. I was already excited to try out this line but when I laid eyes on the packaging I fell in love. I knew that these creators were serious and came to slay. They even through in a free tote.

The materials were incredible soft and of high quality.  It is not too thick; it is “breathable” which is great for summer. The quality is so nice that I rocked the purple and the white shirts to work! All three pieces are so versatile. I plan to wear them casually as well. The black top is even nicer material. It is a bit long bit longer so I rocked it with “jeggings” as a tunic. The cut is sexy and appropriate for all ages.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in investing in quality clothes that will last and is plus sized check out this line. The line can seem pricey but these pieces will last a long time. I plan to wash on delicate or dry clean to maintain the quality.

I do think these pieces run true to size. Also, I believe that the tops run a little long. I am only 5’5″ but the black top came down mid need. I am sure on a taller person these work perfectly.






Review: Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals


Swatches Flash/No Flash

I have been really loving the liquid eye shadows from Stila Cosmetics. Everything from the packaging down to the formula is top notch! The formula is long lasting and the applicator makes it easy to apply. The product is very compact and convenient for travel. Typically when applying loose glitter you need: cosmetic grade glitter, adhesive, an applicator, time and a steady hand which already sounds kind of complicated right? Stila took the process of adding a sparkle of glam to your eye look and cut it in half when the introduced these into the market. These retail for $24 a piece and you can order from Amazon .

Pro Tip: Run the applicator across the bottom of your lid close to the lash line and tap the product “up” from there with your finger or a brush. It does not dry instantly so packing on coats without waiting for them to try can cause it to get chunky and uneven. When you wait for the first coat to dry down before applying the second coat, you will get an even flawless finish. This product makes so that even beginners can add a little glitter and sparkle into their eye shadow routines. They are even gorgeous to display on your vanity! So if you are a “collector” like me you should a few. 🙂 I love this product! Stila came ALL the way through with these bad boys.




Master Class

Master and Mingle: Beauty and Wellness Master Class


Okay so get ready for a good time, you know I like to have a good time so come prepared to cut up 😜 come enjoy the company of some the most fierce women I know! Let’s catch up and encourage each other to continue be great and celebrate success 🎉
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Tutorial: 2 Strand Twist Turned Fro Hawk and High Puff


Uploaded the wrong version yesterday!

I started on damp basically dry hair. I did a two strand twist then I sat under the dryer for 1.5 hours.


This is not a sponsored video; all products used were purchased.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Michele Organics Mint Oil
Nairobi Sheer Shine